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Has Everybody Forgot About 9/11?

October 10, 2008

It is amazing how quickly we forget. After 9/11 we all wanted better security to make sure such a tragedy would never happen again. Action was taken that meant an erosion of our individual and collective liberties and freedom. With the passage of time, many people complain about the cost and inconvenience of these measures.

One action that Canada took which was supported by most Canadians was to send troops to Afghanistan to root out the terrorists and bring stability to the country. This was well underway until the Americans (read George Bush) started a war with Iraq which took away the resources to finish the job. Now there is chaos and predictions that the war in Afghanistan cannot be won and of course there has been huge political pressure to bring our troops home.

Now a report on the cost of the war to Canadian taxpayers was released suggesting that by 2011, the cost could reach $13 to 18 billion. This is a huge amount of money but, hey, it costs money to run a war. We need to provide the best equipment and weaponry to our soldiers or the body count would double and triple. It is hard to suggest we should not have spent so much.

The New Democrats want to pull out of Afghanistan right away and New Democrat foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar, who requested the report, is using it as a political tool in the upcoming federal election. “I think Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion need to explain to Canadians why we’re continuing with a mission that isn’t working and that Canadians cannot afford,” he said.

What does this nincompoop think they will say ‘ Oh yeah, good point, we are just wasting our money for no good reason, we will call the troops home tommorrow and ask the Afghans for a refund.’ Good Grief, I hate people that, for political purposes, criticize decisions that they probably supported personally ( at least in private) because they feared what might happen in the future if we did not take action to protect ourselves.

Regardless, this is just another example of how soon we forget what happened on 9/11and how the whiners will find a way to take us back to where we are vulnerable again. Is the war costly? Yes. Can the war be won? Maybe, maybe not. Does it matter if we just walk away to save some money? Think back to how you felt on 9/11 to answer that one.


They Screwed Up Our Future. Who Are They?

October 7, 2008

I heard part of a speech Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion was making in British Columbia today and it scared me. 

Chretien and Martin

Chretien and Martin

He was being critical of Prime Minister Stephen Harper for not having an economic plan, unlike the Liberals who would offer more of the budget control heroics of former Prime Ministers Paul Martin and Jean Chretien. That is when I got antsy and stopped listening.

Chretien and Martin did a great job of balancing the budget and keeping taxes down however, it was at a great cost to the country. Why don’t we have enough doctors and nurses today? Thank these two true “politicians” for their great leadership in the 90’s when they cut back on the funding for educating doctors and nurses which has created the shortage today.

Why is the country’s infrastructure (roads, bridges etc.) in such sad shape and in need of billions of dollars of upgrades? Thank the dynamic duo again for using gas tax revenues to balance the budget rather than building and maintaining roads. Oh, and what about Walkerton and the water contamination that led to the deaths of 7 people? I guess cutting the public health department budgets which resulted in the Ontario provincial government reducing the amount of health inspectors and/or privatizing inspections was not a great tax saving idea.

One could go on and on about how Chretien and Martin sold out our future for the selfish purposes of being re-elected, term after term. However, it is more important to focus on the here and now to ensure that whoever gets elected, we do not repeat history and make this sorry mistake again.



Canadian Pornography Channel Uncovered

October 4, 2008

Recently the CRTC approved a new pornography channel for Canada called “Northern Peaks” The channel is required to have 50 % Canadian content so I suppose there will be a few job openings for the not so shy types.

Of course this move is not without controversey. In defending the channel, one journalist writes;

“Consider that the amount of pornography has exploded with the onset of the Internet age, and sexual assaults in Canada have plunged dramatically over the last 15 years.”

For the full story go to


Welcome to the Musings of a Proud Canadian!

September 29, 2008

This blog is about anything Canadian with a focus on good news stories. I am a proud Canadian and I want people who read my blog to be as proud a Canadian as I am and to appreciate the great country they live in. It doesn’t get any better than Canada


3000 Bras for Breast Cancer

September 28, 2008

There is an interesting event in support of breast cancer research taking place in Kelowna, BC Canada this week. 


A local radio station is planning on stringing thousands of bras across the length of the new William Bennett Bridge which is over a kilometer in length.


Andy James of Andy & TJ in the Morning, 101.5 Silk FM indicates it will take “an astounding 3,000 bras to accomplish the record attempt”. Organizers will be holding a “Bra Blitz” at Tim Horton‘s and if you bring in your old bras, you will become eligible to win front row tickets to see Sheryl Crow, who also has survived the disease.


101.5 Silk FM holds the record for displaying bras along the length of the old floating bridge which was shorter than the new bridge.