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Being a Hero Does Not Make You a Leader

October 8, 2008

I watched some of the Presidential debate last night and I must say, I would take Stephen Harper over John McCain anyday.

The way McCain was scrambling to answer questions and develop policy on the spot was hard to watch. His appeal to the audience to support him by using motherhood and apple pie types of statements was  embarrassing. He was grovelling and making promises he knows he couldn’t keep.

When asked what priorities he would do first he tried to please everybody by saying he would do them all at once. His rationale was that he saw no reason why they couldn’t be done at the same time “because this is America, and we are Americans and this is what we do” What a joke.

I admire John McCains military history and give him credit for being a hero and all, but it is very evident that that is not enough to be President in today’s world. The public has become way more sophisticated and McCain has not kept up. Recruiting Sara Palin as a running mate is another sign that he is out of touch.

People don’t care about looks and what you have done in the past. They are looking for substance, leadership and performance. I see John McCain as another 4 years of George Bush type of government and we all know where that got us.