Canadian Political Quiz is Quite Telling.

October 4, 2008

The Toronto Star (theStar.com) has an interesting quiz at the link below. It asks you questions about Canadian political issues ie (the economy, Afghanistan, the environment etc.) and the answers you can choose from reflect the platforms of each political party. At the end of the quiz it tells you which party your answers are most related to.

It is a fun way to spend 3 or 4 minutes.



Don Cherry and Wounded Warriors Working Together

October 3, 2008

Thanks to the good people at the Wounded Warriors Fund, our wounded Canadian soldiers are having some of their basic needs taken care of. When a soldier is wounded he often goes from the battlefield to the hospital in Germany, leaving all belongings behind. This organization tries to smooth over the difficult transition and more. 

It is interesting to see that the official spokesperson for this organization is none other than Don Cherry himself. Cherry is an outspoken patriot who often reminds us of the sacrifices made by our soldiers on his regular Hockey Night In Canada program called Coach’s Corner.

You can learn more about this funding program and what they do by going to;


God Bless them all.


Joe Six-Pack and a Hockey Mom – Typical American Couple

October 3, 2008

Ok, I have to come clean.

Although my site is supposed to focus primarily on Canada there was something going on south of the border last night that I could not avoid. It was the vice-presidential debate and I like many millions was curious to see how Sarah Palin did.

I did not watch it all but, overall I would say Palin handled herself quite well. However, her inexperience was very evident. Although she spoke well and maybe even improved her image in some ways, she was clearly out of her league. In my opinion she did nothing to bolster public confidence that she could be president if John McCain were to be incapacitated for some reason.

I think the folksy, I am just like you, hockey mom approach has worn thin. That is not what people care about when it comes to leading a country. Personally, she lost me whe she referred to the average American couple as “Joe Six-pack and a Hockey Mom”. To me these are not necessarily flattering comments. While I admire the dedication of “hockey moms”, they can also be some of the most aggressive, nasty, self serving people you could meet. The tag “Joe Six-Pack” conjours up images of the drunk who sits on the couch, burping and farting and when life isn’t exciting enough, he beats his wife.

So, now that the big event is over I can again focus on Canada.


US Vice-Presidential Debate Drinking Game

October 2, 2008

Here is a great drinking game for the US Vice-Presidential debate;


Drink Responsibly.


A Drinking Game for the Canadian Debate

October 2, 2008

This is good so I thought I would pass it on;


Drink Responsibly.


No Call List Affects Municipal Politicians in Coming Elections

October 2, 2008

The new “do not call list” which was implemented Tuesday by the CRTC is having some unintended consequences with respect to upcoming municipal government elections according to a Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) release on Wednesday.


“Unfortunately, these regulations will have an unintended impact on municipal elections.  As presently worded and interpreted, municipal candidates will be restricted from calling people who are on the Do Not Call list to ask for financial or volunteer support.  Calls asking for someone’s vote are not affected.


The only exemption from this restriction is when the calls are made on behalf of a political party registered under provincial or territorial law, or if the calls are made by volunteers. Since few municipal candidates run on behalf of a registered political party, the impact of DNCL will be limited mainly to municipal, rather than federal or provincial election candidates.


If you’re not exempt, and you call someone on the list, and that person complains, you could be fined $1,500 per call under the law.


Municipal candidates or current elected officials would be required to register with the CRTC prior to making any telemarketing calls, and would also be required to pay a subscription fee to access the DNCL.


In the near term, the DNCL could impact municipal elections underway right now in British Columbia and Nova Scotia.  Fortunately, CRTC officials have confirmed with our staff that since the DNCL is legally considered provisional for the first 31 days following September 30, it can not be enforced, with only warnings to be issued.”


Presumably, mid November elections in BC wll be affected after the expiration of the 31 day transition period. As they say in government; “govern yourself accordingly.”















Do Not Call List

September 30, 2008
There are so many people eager to sign on to the new national “Do Not Call List” that the CRTC computer and phone systems were jammed resulting in this notice on the CRTC website; 


 The system allows people avoid telemarketers by registering their phone number on a do not call list. It is estimated that two thirds of Canadians will add their numbers to avoid the annoying telemarketing calls.

To sign on go to http://www.dncl.gc.ca.

Due to the unexpectedly high number of individuals attempting to access the National DNCL’s website and toll-free numbers, the system has been stretched beyond capacity. You may experience temporary difficulties in registering, but you are invited to try again.