Has Everybody Forgot About 9/11?

October 10, 2008

It is amazing how quickly we forget. After 9/11 we all wanted better security to make sure such a tragedy would never happen again. Action was taken that meant an erosion of our individual and collective liberties and freedom. With the passage of time, many people complain about the cost and inconvenience of these measures.

One action that Canada took which was supported by most Canadians was to send troops to Afghanistan to root out the terrorists and bring stability to the country. This was well underway until the Americans (read George Bush) started a war with Iraq which took away the resources to finish the job. Now there is chaos and predictions that the war in Afghanistan cannot be won and of course there has been huge political pressure to bring our troops home.

Now a report on the cost of the war to Canadian taxpayers was released suggesting that by 2011, the cost could reach $13 to 18 billion. This is a huge amount of money but, hey, it costs money to run a war. We need to provide the best equipment and weaponry to our soldiers or the body count would double and triple. It is hard to suggest we should not have spent so much.

The New Democrats want to pull out of Afghanistan right away and New Democrat foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar, who requested the report, is using it as a political tool in the upcoming federal election. “I think Stephen Harper and Stephane Dion need to explain to Canadians why we’re continuing with a mission that isn’t working and that Canadians cannot afford,” he said.

What does this nincompoop think they will say ‘ Oh yeah, good point, we are just wasting our money for no good reason, we will call the troops home tommorrow and ask the Afghans for a refund.’ Good Grief, I hate people that, for political purposes, criticize decisions that they probably supported personally ( at least in private) because they feared what might happen in the future if we did not take action to protect ourselves.

Regardless, this is just another example of how soon we forget what happened on 9/11and how the whiners will find a way to take us back to where we are vulnerable again. Is the war costly? Yes. Can the war be won? Maybe, maybe not. Does it matter if we just walk away to save some money? Think back to how you felt on 9/11 to answer that one.


One comment

  1. I think that a war on terror and what is going on now oversees are two different things. Yes, Canadian citizens want to nab the terrorists that killed so many people in New York and punish them, making sure a similar event doesn’t happen again. And Canada isn’t excluded. We’ve all felt the threat of terrorism with the group of 8 that were attempting to target the prime minister in Ontario.
    But to say that a war is needed in order to stop terrorism is going too far, especially when Canada joined, even though the 9/11 attacks weren’t on our soil, and didn’t impact us nearly as much as it impacted Americans.
    People don’t want to walk away to save money. They want to walk away because the war, wether it will “succeed” or not(because there is no concrete way to measure this), is unnecessary for Canadians to get involved in.

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