Joe Six-Pack and a Hockey Mom – Typical American Couple

October 3, 2008

Ok, I have to come clean.

Although my site is supposed to focus primarily on Canada there was something going on south of the border last night that I could not avoid. It was the vice-presidential debate and I like many millions was curious to see how Sarah Palin did.

I did not watch it all but, overall I would say Palin handled herself quite well. However, her inexperience was very evident. Although she spoke well and maybe even improved her image in some ways, she was clearly out of her league. In my opinion she did nothing to bolster public confidence that she could be president if John McCain were to be incapacitated for some reason.

I think the folksy, I am just like you, hockey mom approach has worn thin. That is not what people care about when it comes to leading a country. Personally, she lost me whe she referred to the average American couple as “Joe Six-pack and a Hockey Mom”. To me these are not necessarily flattering comments. While I admire the dedication of “hockey moms”, they can also be some of the most aggressive, nasty, self serving people you could meet. The tag “Joe Six-Pack” conjours up images of the drunk who sits on the couch, burping and farting and when life isn’t exciting enough, he beats his wife.

So, now that the big event is over I can again focus on Canada.



  1. Very good, sir/ma’am! Well worth the visit – you’re welcome on Shiraz Socialist any time!

  2. Well put, person. 🙂

  3. Agreed. Her portrayal of America is pretty comical, actually. She’s been made into this cartoon character, or rather I should say she made herself into one. Her disastrous interviews so far haven’t done her any favours (couldn’t name a single news source read to keep updated on international affairs for Katie Couric’s interview. Ouch.) But the sad thing is, Americans eat up her spewed bs. Just the fact that she is McCain’s running mate and the Republicans are up in most polls attests to this. Do the majority of Americans believe that she has what it takes to be President of the United States? No. Do they see themselves reflected in Palin and like her style? Very much so.

  4. LOL! Burping and farting? Now that’s not nice! 😉

  5. I get it that you don’t drink? Proud of yourself? And in response to katia d mitrieva, you must be luke warm and think that OBAMANATION is ready to revive America with his 6 months in the Senate. Come on out with the facts if you know so much and she knows so little, she running for VP and OBAMANATION is going to have to learn to be president. Maybe he’ll choose his preacher to give him personal guidance.

  6. Hey Cindy, wrongo. I actually do drink. I love my Canadian beer and my Bacardi rum and Pepsi. With meals I enjoy some Okanagan wine. Some of this drinking is on the couch watching hockey or other shows and I must admit I have burped and farted while doing so. However, I have never beat my wife nor would I. That is where Joe Six-Pack and I part ways.

    I’m sorry I don’t get the lukewarm comment.

  7. Er…Right there with kurrenteventz when I say “wha?!” to the lukewarm comment. And as for facts, which ones are you looking for? Is it that Palin is ill prepared to lead a nation, which a vice-president should always be ready to do? Or that she was a bad choice for the Republicans? Or the fact that she has been made into a joke on TV and the more important and influential online platform?
    Because there is solid evidence of all of the above on any major news channel, website or paper, and in the figures that show a drastic drop in support for McCain after the arrival of Palin.

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