No Call List Affects Municipal Politicians in Coming Elections

October 2, 2008

The new “do not call list” which was implemented Tuesday by the CRTC is having some unintended consequences with respect to upcoming municipal government elections according to a Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) release on Wednesday.


“Unfortunately, these regulations will have an unintended impact on municipal elections.  As presently worded and interpreted, municipal candidates will be restricted from calling people who are on the Do Not Call list to ask for financial or volunteer support.  Calls asking for someone’s vote are not affected.


The only exemption from this restriction is when the calls are made on behalf of a political party registered under provincial or territorial law, or if the calls are made by volunteers. Since few municipal candidates run on behalf of a registered political party, the impact of DNCL will be limited mainly to municipal, rather than federal or provincial election candidates.


If you’re not exempt, and you call someone on the list, and that person complains, you could be fined $1,500 per call under the law.


Municipal candidates or current elected officials would be required to register with the CRTC prior to making any telemarketing calls, and would also be required to pay a subscription fee to access the DNCL.


In the near term, the DNCL could impact municipal elections underway right now in British Columbia and Nova Scotia.  Fortunately, CRTC officials have confirmed with our staff that since the DNCL is legally considered provisional for the first 31 days following September 30, it can not be enforced, with only warnings to be issued.”


Presumably, mid November elections in BC wll be affected after the expiration of the 31 day transition period. As they say in government; “govern yourself accordingly.”















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