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Do Not Call List

September 30, 2008
There are so many people eager to sign on to the new national “Do Not Call List” that the CRTC computer and phone systems were jammed resulting in this notice on the CRTC website; 


 The system allows people avoid telemarketers by registering their phone number on a do not call list. It is estimated that two thirds of Canadians will add their numbers to avoid the annoying telemarketing calls.

To sign on go to

Due to the unexpectedly high number of individuals attempting to access the National DNCL’s website and toll-free numbers, the system has been stretched beyond capacity. You may experience temporary difficulties in registering, but you are invited to try again.


Canadian Music; More Than You Know

September 30, 2008
A popular Canadian Group

April Wine

Like most people I am aware that there have been many Canadian success stories in the music industry in many different genres. The likes of Bryan Adams, Shania Twain, Burton Cummings and Celine Dion are household names and to most Canadians, are known to be Canadians.

However, we all know there are many more but,  when I started searching for a list I was incredibly surprised at just how many there have been.  Do you remember Oscar Peterson, Wilf Carter and Hank Snow? How about Rush, Loverboy and Martina McBride? Or there is The Tea Party, the Crash Test Dummies and Our Lady Peace. We all know about Nickleback and Avril Lavigne but, what about Billy Talent, Arcade Fire and Feist?

Man, we are one talented country. I have only scraped the surface, there are hundreds more. For a comprehensive listing please check Wikipedia at

Enjoy the memories.



Rabbit Killers being Investigated

September 30, 2008

In Kelowna BC, a controversial decision to cull an exploding population of rabbits has taken a twist. Now the company hired to do the nasty job is being investigated for alleged cruelty to animals because of the manner in which the bunnies are being killed.

See story

The city is spending $54,000 on a one-year contract to get rid of the animals which have been causing significant damage to parks, playgrounds and boulevard plantings.


120,000 Bras for Ireland

September 29, 2008

I received the following comment to my previous ‘bra story’ and thought I would pass it on. I am doing what I can to fulfill her request. What can you do?

Hi there,
I’m writing to you from
and we too are attempting a world record bra chain of 120,000 bras covering a distance of 72 miles. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavor as I know only too well how difficult it is to collect the amount you need. I was wondering when you reach your target and break the record, would you be interested in donating your bras to our cause? It would be great. We have between 40 and 50,000 collected so far but we are aiming to do this in November so all the help we can get would be really appreciated. Agan the best of luck – its for a great cause!,
Kind regards,
Louise Killeen

Check out the site


Welcome to the Musings of a Proud Canadian!

September 29, 2008

This blog is about anything Canadian with a focus on good news stories. I am a proud Canadian and I want people who read my blog to be as proud a Canadian as I am and to appreciate the great country they live in. It doesn’t get any better than Canada


Naramata a Wine Lovers Gem

September 28, 2008

Having enjoyed wine tasting on the Naramata Bench I thought I would share a link to this article;

Good to see tourists enjoying the good life. There are many more wineries than those referred to in this story.


3000 Bras for Breast Cancer

September 28, 2008

There is an interesting event in support of breast cancer research taking place in Kelowna, BC Canada this week. 


A local radio station is planning on stringing thousands of bras across the length of the new William Bennett Bridge which is over a kilometer in length.


Andy James of Andy & TJ in the Morning, 101.5 Silk FM indicates it will take “an astounding 3,000 bras to accomplish the record attempt”. Organizers will be holding a “Bra Blitz” at Tim Horton‘s and if you bring in your old bras, you will become eligible to win front row tickets to see Sheryl Crow, who also has survived the disease.


101.5 Silk FM holds the record for displaying bras along the length of the old floating bridge which was shorter than the new bridge.